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Facilities & Service Area

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative (SHECO) serves more than 62,000 members in parts of 10 counties. Our crews maintain 7,000 miles of line and 44 substation facilities.

About Our Facilities

Providing reliable and affordable service is something SHECO takes seriously. Perhaps the biggest part of this job is maintaining and upgrading our system, facilities and equipment to accommodate our service needs as the community and the Cooperative grow.

About Substations

A substation's job is to reduce high voltage power that comes from transmission lines and then send the lower voltage power out through our distribution lines to the homes and businesses we serve.

Substations are an integral part of the SHECO system. That's why we take action to upgrade and/or build new substations as necessary to accommodate load growth and therefore improve reliability.

Today, there are 44 substations on our system that carry electricity to more than 68,000 members over approximately 7,000 miles of distribution lines. To enhance our ability to tackle emergencies and complete system upgrades with minimal service interruptions, Sam Houston EC acquired a second mobile substation in 2008. In the event a substation is damaged, the mobile substation can be deployed for faster power restoration.