Kids Zone

 Kids Zone

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, your Touchstone Energy® Partner, invites you to visit the Touchstone Energy Kids Zone, a cool place where you can learn about electricity, energy savings and electrical safety. Energy is part of our daily lives. Every time you watch television or turn on a light, you are using electricity.

Sam Houston EC's Touchstone Energy Kids Zone has some fun games and activities that will help you learn about energy and energy efficiency. We have lots of information you can share with your family and friends.

Visit the Touchstone Energy Kids Zone

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Home Safe Home: Leon & Liz Activity Book Help Neon Leon and Lightning Liz DoWattsRight to conserve energy and protect their house from electrical hazards.

Josh & Sarah's Electric Adventure Go on an adventure as Josh and Sarah see what life was like before electric power. Courtesy Lake Country Power, Grand Rapids, MN

Touchstone Energy Hot Air Balloon - Learn more about the Touchstone Energy Balloon. The two newest balloons are 77,000 cubic feet and stand more than 77 feet tall and are 60 feet wide when fully inflated! That's as tall as a 7 story building!