Our History

 Our History

Electric cooperatives were created to serve the best interests of their member-owners, and that's exactly what Sam Houston Electric Cooperative does.

In the early 1930s, the vast rural areas of America did not have access to the wonders of electricity. During this time, less than three percent of rural America received the benefits of electric service. After the signing of the Rural Electrification Act on May 21, 1936, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the “REA Movement” spread rapidly throughout the nation. The stories of the early days of rural electrification are much the same…rural men and women petitioning, educating and organizing–for power.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative was founded Aug. 27, 1938, by a group of rural residents in Polk County. The first directors met, planned and created their cooperative. On May 16, 1939, they received a charter from the State of Texas, and Sam Houston Electric Cooperative Inc. was born.

After obtaining an REA loan, the Co-op began construction of its first power lines, 242.86 miles, on Jan. 15, 1940, which would serve 661 members in Polk, San Jacinto, Walker and Liberty Counties. The power at that time came from Gulf States Utility Company to a substation in Goodrich. By 1943, Sam Houston EC had 1,306 members. In 1951, that number jumped to 7,500 consumers and 2,300 miles of line. Today, Sam Houston EC maintains 6,000 miles of line serving more than 55,000 members in parts of 10 counties.

Our members are our partners. We provide and maintain quality electric service at the lowest possible cost. Sam Houston EC’s mission, as stated by our Board of Directors, is to achieve member satisfaction by providing safe, reliable services at competitive prices and to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve, utilizing an exceptional workforce, while maintaining financial stability.

The Story of the Star

The 3-dimensional star in our logo has special meaning. Modeled after the star that sits atop the San Jacinto Monument honoring Sam Houston, the man, the star in our logo symbolizes what Sam Houston Electric Cooperative is all about.

History. Service. Vision.

  • We have more than 75 years of heritage in East Texas
  • We are committed to providing reliable and affordable service
  • We work hard to uphold our vision to serve the best interests of our member-owners