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The Value of Electricity

At Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, we’re not in the business of making money for investors. We’re here to serve our member-owners. Part of that responsibility is to ensure the costs of purchasing electricity for and delivering electricity to our members are covered. By maintaining the Co-op’s financial stability we can continue effectively serving the more than 52,000 members who rely on us to provide power.

The cost of your electricity includes several components. Approximately 65 percent of the total cost of your Sam Houston EC bill is made up of the Co-op’s wholesale costs to buy electricity generated at power plants. The other 35 percent of your bill is made up of the cost to deliver purchased power to our service area and distribute that power to our members over the lines Sam Houston EC owns and maintains.

Sam Houston EC has a history of maintaining stable base rates. Your Cooperative works hard to deliver affordable, reliable electricity, and will continue to do so for years to come.