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Tree Trimming & Dead Trees

 Tree Trimming & Dead Trees

At Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, our goal is to provide safe, reliable and economical electric service to our members. Managing trees and other vegetation around our facilities and in rights-of-way is key to achieving that goal.

We know trees are an essential part of the charm of East Texas, and are also vital to our economy. But trees are dangerous when they are in close proximity to power lines. Trees may seem harmless on a calm, sunny day. But add a bit of wind on a stormy night and those towering pillars might threaten your home’s electric supply and safety.

We perform routine maintenance of trees and other vegetation throughout our system year-round. Regular trimming to direct growth away from lines helps prevent the outages and damage trees can cause. Maintenance includes pruning trees, removing hazardous trees, mowing and cutting brush, and applying herbicides. These activities all are designed to minimize adverse environmental impacts and fully comply with applicable laws and regulations. They are essential to maintaining reliable electric service for our members and to provide for the safety of both your family and the public.

The skilled employees and contractors working for Sam Houston EC are committed to establishing the clearance required to bring you years of safe and dependable electric service. A clear right-of-way is so important that tree-trimming and rights-of-way maintenance programs are required for a cooperative to receive its safety accreditation from our national association.

Sam Houston EC is committed to providing safe and reliable power, and our vegetation management program is key to fulfilling that promise.

NOTE: Authority to perform right-of-way maintenance is granted in the signed membership application and easement agreement between the property owner and Sam Houston EC.