Budget Billing

If the rise and fall of seasonal electric costs throws your bankbook out of balance, the Budget Billing Program is for you.

The Budget Billing Program for residential members allows you to pay a set amount each month, which is based on your average kilowatt usage throughout the previous year.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative will read your meter each month and the kilowatt usage will be recorded on your account. Every 12 months, Budget Billing accounts are reviewed, and the Budget Billing amount is adjusted up or down based on actual usage. The new payment amount begins with the next month’s bill. At that time, any credit balance from the previous 12-month period is prorated over the next 12-month period. Any debit balance will also be prorated over the next 12-month period.

Your kilowatt usage can be checked at any time by speaking with a member service representative.

Members who wish to sign up for the Budget Billing program must have a zero account balance as well as a 12-month billing history with Sam Houston EC.

Looking for a way to smooth out those monthly bills? Budget billing could be the solution!

To sign up for the Budget Billing Program, give us a call at 1-800-458-0381, or submit an online request.

The Budget Billing plan may be terminated at any time upon the member's request, or if the member fails to pay the full monthly amount by the due date on the bill. The Budget Billing plan will be automatically terminated when the member requests disconnection of electric service or if the account is delinquent at the time the initial Budget Billing statement is prepared. Any debit balance outstanding on the account will become due when the Budget Billing Plan is terminated.