Meter Tampering

Meter tampering is a crime that eventually affects everyone.

Why? Because theft of electricity increases everyone’s rates. Unfortunately, it’s the honest customers who end up footing the bill – a bill that costs U.S. consumers an estimated $1 to $2 billion each year. Meter tampering, or attempting to bypass or reconnect electric service without authorization, is a crime that can lead to arrest and conviction.

What’s the worst that could happen when someone attempts to steal electricity? The thief and Co-op personnel can be seriously injured. Meter tampering is dangerous, illegal and costly. In cases of tampering, the Cooperative reserves the right to disconnect electric service without notice. Furthermore, the Co-op requires costs for the stolen electricity, investigation of the case and damaged property to be paid in full before service will be reconnected.

At Sam Houston EC, we take meter tampering very seriously and train our personnel to track down and stop energy thieves. But you can help, too. If you suspect someone is stealing electricity, please report it immediately to Sam Houston EC.

Give us a call at 1-800-458-0381.