Reading Your Meter

Your electric meter is located on the outside wall of your home or business. To plot your usage most effectively, you should read your meter at precisely the same time each day. The difference between the last reading and the present reading is your consumption in kilowatt-hours. Note how your usage fluctuates according to the various activities and appliances you use. Focus your conservation efforts on the activities and appliances that use the most energy.

Here’s a list of common household appliances and their average monthly kWh usage:

For Comfort
Central Air Conditioner (36,000 BTU) 900 kWh
Central Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU)  300 kWh
Electric Water Heater 400 kWh
Portable Electric Space Heater (1,500 watts) 366 kWh
Dehumidifier  162 kWh
Humidifier 40 kWh
Electric Blanket 31 kWh
Ceiling Fan 12 kWh
In the Kitchen  
Refrigerator  153 kWh
Oven 22 kWh
Stovetop/Range 100 kWh
Microwave 16 kWh
Slow Cooker/Crock Pot  11 kWh
Garbage Disposal 3 kWh
Toaster  3 kWh
Around the House  
Electric Clothes Dryer (5 loads per week) 85 kWh
Hair Dryer  10 kWh
Washing Machine 9 kWh
Iron  5 kWh
Curling Iron 1 kWh
Sewing Machine 1 kWh
Satellite Dish 66 kWh
Plasma TV (42-65 inches)  30 kWh
Computer (with monitor and printer)  27 kWh
LCD TV (13-65 inches)  11 kWh