Surge Protection

Are You In the Dark About Power Surges?
Did you know that powerful surges caused by lightning or other sources can damage or destroy your electronic equipment and appliances? The results can be both costly and frustrating.

Let us Shed Some Light on the Subject
Sam Houston Electric Cooperative offers the Sycom whole home surge protection system on a three-year lease agreement. Unlike most store bought plug-in protectors, this system is designed to reduce high voltage spikes before they enter your home, allowing you to safeguard all your appliances at once, rather than one plug at a time.

This device is easily installed by a Sam Houston EC representative for $29.95 and costs just $5.95 each month following installation plus applicable sales tax. It's a minimal investment for the security it brings.

For more information about our comprehensive surge protection system, give us a call at 1-800-458-0381, or submit an online request.