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Cybersecurity is a current news topic, but at Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, it’s a vital part of what we do, and has been for quite a while.

“Protecting our members’ personal information from cybersecurity breaches has been and will continue to be a top priority at Sam Houston EC,” Chief Information Officer Keith Staples said. “Cybersecurity threats are increasing and changing on a daily basis, so we are constantly monitoring and improving the Co-op’s network to ensure members’ data, as well as our power grid, are safe and secure.”

Cybersecurity at the Cooperative starts with measures everyone can take to protect our system and information, such as not clicking on unexpected emails or learning how to spot other scams. The Co-op’s Information Technology department hosted training throughout the year to help employees identify potential scams and report them.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative’s engineering staff ledcybersecurity planning sessions with other area cooperatives as well. They shared best practices on protecting substations and the control points along the distribution system, as well as data transmission. The system’s design even has the capability toreroute data in a matter of seconds to keep information flowing.Most importantly, these steps help ensure that Sam Houston EC continues providing our members with reliable electricity.

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