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Highlights from 2018


Capital Credits

$3 million in capital credits were applied to Co-op members’ September electric bills. Over the years, Sam Houston ElectricCooperative has paid more than $41million in capital credits to our consumer- members. Capital credits are one of thegreat benefits of being served by anelectric cooperative.


High Satisfaction

Our members rated Sam Houston Electric Cooperative 86 on the 2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index. That’s 9 points higher than the average score forall electric cooperatives (77), and

11 points higher than the national averagefor all energy utilities (75).



The mySamHouston online portal, and the mySamHouston smartphone app allow Co-op members to report outages, receive outage updates and usage notifications, track electricity consumption, pay electric bills and much more. 28,000 Co-op members are using the mySamHouston online portal, and 5,000 are using the mySamHouston app. Start taking advantage of everything mySamHouston offers today!


Financially Sound

In May 2018, we lowered the Deliverycharge from 3.34 cents per kilowatt- hour to 3.10 cents. The Base chargechanged from $12.75 to $19.75. As your Cooperative experiences significantgrowth in several areas, we are positioned well to continue providing excellentservice and cost-effective rates, now andfor generations to come.


CEO Kuntz Announces Retirement

After 37 years with Sam Houston Electric Cooperative (15 as General Manager & CEO), Kyle J. Kuntz announced hisretirement. Through improvements in processes and technology, Kuntz worked tirelessly to increase system reliability and create a strong culture of safety for employees and members.

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