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Sam Houston Electric Cooperative employees work to provide reliable electricity to our 55,000 members, but where does the electricity come from?

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative partners with nine other cooperatives to form East Texas Electric Cooperative. ETEC is a cooperative just like Sam Houston EC.

ETEC’s member cooperatives work together to build electricity generating facilities like the R.C. Thomas Hydroelectric Project at Lake Livingston, as well as purchase power on the open market. By buying electricity together, the member cooperatives receive better priceson the electricity, just like you when you buy grocery items in bulk.

More wind-generated electricity has recently been added into the mix of generation sources. Almost seven percent of our electricity is wind-generated.

Sam Houston EC’s power is also generated by coal (51 percent), natural gas (39 percent) and water or hydropower (3 percent).

The R.C. Thomas Hydroelectric Project at Lake Livingston is under construction. Although plagued by the floods our area has experience over the past five years, the project is expected to begin producing electricity in 2020.

ETEC includes 10 distribution electric cooperatives, like Sam Houston EC, collectively serving more than 340,000 consumer-members across 46 counties in East Texas.

Electricity generation

  • 51% COAL
  • 7% WIND

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