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Avoid Summer Overload

 Avoid Summer Overload

Summer is a difficult time for electrical systems. When temperatures rise, electrical systems must work hard to power air conditioners. Old or damaged home electrical systems can cause shocks and start fires when put under the stress of summer electricity use.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative urges its members to take steps to keep homes and loved ones safe.

Older homes may have a difficult time providing electricity to all the electronics and appliances of a modern household. An electrician can tell you whether your home’s electrical system is appropriate for the electronics you are using and what improvements are necessary.

Some signs that your electrical system is overloaded are flickering lights; frequently tripped circuits; cords or wall plates that are warm to the touch; or crackling, popping or sizzling sounds coming from outlets. These can present a serious fire risk.

No matter the season or age of a home, residents should check regularly for electrical hazards such as cracked or fraying cords, overloaded outlets and circuits, and improper wattage of lightbulbs. Also, make sure smoke alarms are placed and functioning properly.

Posted by Communications Specialist Rachel Frey, CCC