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  • Be a Safety Champion on Super Bowl Sunday

Be a Safety Champion on Super Bowl Sunday

 Be a Safety Champion on Super Bowl Sunday

A safety is worth two points in a football game, but practicing electrical safety during your Super Bowl festivities—and all year long—could be worth a lot more. It could spare a loved one from a fire or accident.

No matter who you are rooting for or if you’re just in it for the commercials, make sure electrical safety is in your lineup this Super Bowl Sunday—and always.

A Cold Snap
If you need to add a little warmth to your home with space heaters, place them at least 3 feet away from all flammable materials and plug them directly into wall outlets. Never use extension cords of any kind with a space heater and never leave a heater unattended when in use.

Tight Belts and Tight Ends
Super Bowl Sunday ranks second for food consumption after Thanksgiving. (Fans will consume more than 1 billion chicken wings!) Practice safety by arranging all countertop appliances away from the sink and keeping cords, potholders and towels away from hot surfaces. Even if it means missing a play or two, stay in the kitchen when food is cooking on the stovetop, and turn off burners if you have to leave the room.

Don’t Gamble on Safety
Save your risky bets for the ballgame. Smoke alarms should be on every floor of your home and outside all sleeping areas. Test them monthly. Ensure that any appliances, space heaters and extension cords that you plan to purchase have a safety label from a recognized testing laboratory. Don’t overlook this important practice. Only shop with reputable stores.

Offensive Line
You might need extension cords to power slow cookers or electronics. Never attempt to extend the length of an extension cord by connecting it with another extension cord, and make sure cords are not pinched. Do not place cords in high-traffic areas or under carpets, rugs or furniture, and don’t nail or staple them to anything. Use a surge protector to protect your TV and other electronics from damage, and keep all liquids away from electrical items.