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  • Cooperative Principles a Part of Doing Business at Sam Houston EC

Cooperative Principles a Part of Doing Business at Sam Houston EC

 Cooperative Principles a Part of Doing Business at Sam Houston EC

As a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative conducts business a little differently than other electric utility companies.

The Co-op follows a set of seven principles, which guides everything we do:

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership
  2. Democratic Member Control
  3. Members’ Economic Participation
  4. Autonomy and Independence
  5. Education, Training and Information
  6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  7. Concern for Community

Several of these principles have been on display this month.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Pictured is a projector Sam Houston EC donated in partnership with Mid-South Synergy to Robert Josey Scout Lodge in Huntsville. The Lodge serves members of both Cooperatives.

From left to right in the photo is Justin Stapleton of Mid-South Synergy, Sam Houston EC Chief Communications Officer Keith Stapleton, Communications Specialist Rachel Frey, and Kaye King Mitchell, Kevin Smith, Dr. Stan Hines and Leanne Woodward representing the Robert Josey Lodge Board of Directors.

Autonomy and Independence

Texas’ electric cooperatives decended upon the State Capitol for the annual Austin Legislative Rally. Stapleton and Chief Operations Officer David Babcock met with elected officials from our area, and reviewed the following issues: eminent domain, transmission rates, grid security and small cell attachments.

“Currently, there is no imminent legislation for these specific topics, but we want to stay in close contact with our local officials as any legislation develops to make sure our members’ best interests are considered,” Stapleton said.

Concern for Community

Woodville Independent School District has been reviewing its emergency proceedures, which provided an opportunity for Sam Houston EC to help some of its youngest members.

Co-op employees packed backpacks with adhesive bandages, glow sticks and flashlights for elementary school teachers to grab in case of emergency. The bags will also include a student list and other materials provided by Woodville ISD.

Posted by Communications Specialist Rachel Frey, CCC