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Keep Dad Safe for Father’s Day

 Keep Dad Safe for Father’s Day

Years of power tools shopping for past Father’s Day gifts have probably yielded the dad in your life a garage or shed full of handy gadgets. On June 20, give him the tools he needs to use his stockpile safely.

For table saws and other large tools, give your dad a motor safety switch with a large “stop” paddle or switch. It allows him to use his hip or foot to immediately cut power to a tool without removing a hand from the work piece, helping him to keep his work safe and steady. For about $30, you can buy a switch that easily mounts to most 120-volt machinery.

If he spends full weekend days near his workbench, pick a pair of supportive steel-toed boots to protect his feet from knocked off or dropped work gear. Good work boots also will reduce fatigue and keep his knees and back comfortable even after a full day on his feet.

Toss in the classic safety gear: Sporty safety glasses styled like sunglasses offer a snug fit and wraparound protection in both clear and tinted styles. Choose a snug pair of work gloves with extra gripping strips to help your dad keep a firm hold on his tools and work materials. And don’t forget his ears—a simple pair of ear plugs will keep that ringing noise at bay after he works around loud machinery.