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  • Lower Thermostat To Lower Bills

Lower Thermostat To Lower Bills

 Lower Thermostat To Lower Bills

Texas winters are unpredictable. Cold weather often requires folks to use more electricity than normal to keep the house warm. Consequently, you might already have received a higher-than-normal bill this winter—and you might be wondering how to avoid the next one.

As we endure the last of the Texas winter (we hope), you and your family can still adjust your energy behaviors to cut your electric bills.

To help avoid higher-than-normal energy bills, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative encourages you to use electricity efficiently. Setting the thermostat to 68 degrees when home—and lower when you’re away—saves money. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that lowering the thermostat 10–15 degrees for eight hours a day can trim heating bills 5–15 percent.

Other tips to reduce energy use:

  • Turn off and unplug nonessential lights and appliances.
  • Close shades and blinds at night to reduce heat loss through windows. Open them on sunny days to capture solar heat.
  • If possible, avoid using inefficient and costly backup electric resistance heating and space heaters.
  • Change furnace filters often.
  • Long-term home repairs and upgrades that save energy:
  • Install and set programmable thermostats.
  • Seal air leaks around doors, windows, plumbing, wiring and any other places where air can infiltrate.
  • Ensure that exterior walls and attics contain the recommended amount and type of insulation.

At Sam Houston EC, we provide more ways for our members to monitor their usage and prevent high bills. We can review your account to make sure the bill is correct and accurate; examine your meter to determine whether it is working the way it should; conduct an audit of your house to make sure the electrical system is working correctly; and we can arrange a payment plan that will fit your budget.

One more important thing to remember: If you wish to take advantage of any of these services, please call the Co-op at 800-458-0381 as soon as possible, before your bill is due. That way, we can work through your questions in a timely manner to avoid further inconvenience.