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MSRs Get Hands-On Look at Meter Poles

 MSRs Get Hands-On Look at Meter Poles

There’s a lot that goes into establishing electric service, whether it’s new construction or service at an existing location. Sam Houston Electric Cooperative member service representatives have an expansive knowledge base, understanding the intricate details of Co-op processes. After all, it’s their job to help and guide our members through many of them. From application requirements to fielding questions about meter loop specifications—quite frankly, there’s a lot to know.

To help keep that knowledge base robust, MSRs have been taking part in a series of learning workshops put on by their coworkers. The latest meter pole training workshop was taught by Sam Houston EC Staking Supervisor Cloy Baxley.

Divided across three days, each MSR got a chance to sit in on the half-day workshop. Baxley covered requirements, details and questions about easements—often a tricky step in establishing service. He also gave the participants a hands-on look at meter poles, both overhead and temporary underground.

“The information on how to setup a meter loop was very helpful,” said Sam Houston Electric Cooperative Member Service Representative Matthew Hall, “especially when we had a visual of all the components.”

Hall added that it became much easier to differentiate between everything with a real-life visual, versus a specification sheet.

By offering an opportunity to ask questions, both to and from the instructor, everyone was able to share ideas and experiences to help improve our processes. Together, we can continue to build a stronger Cooperative.

Posted by Mary Kate Pedigo, CCC, Communications Specialist