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Preparing Your Home For A Pet

 Preparing Your Home For A Pet

Did you or your family get a new pet recently? I recently adopted my first puppy and took a few precautions with my electrical appliances and cords before bringing him home.

I started by getting down on the floor and looking around. Everything I could reach was fair game as a toy. Electrical cords are soft and chewy, perfect for a teething puppy. Dummy plugs that had not been put back into an outlet looked fun to gnaw on as well.

The second thing to consider is your home. I live in an apartment, so I did not want to make any permanent changes to any part of the walls or floors.

Then, I checked all cords for frays and other damage, and replaced any that were damaged. If your pet damages any cords, be sure to replace them immediately. I purchased cord protectors from my local hardware store and wrapped the cords. I also sprayed the cord covers with a bitter tasting chewing deterrent to make sure he never got into the habit of chewing on the cords.

I rearranged some of my furniture so that my dog could not get behind my entertainment center or computer. With the surge protectors and tangle of cords, I did not want him near that area.

If you have a fenced, outdoor area for your dog, call Texas 811 to locate any underground electrical or cable lines running through that area. Make sure the lines are buried at appropriate depths, especially if your dog likes to dig.

I hope you never need this information, but if you think your pet may have suffered an electrical shock, approach it with caution to keep from being injured by the same electrical danger or from being bitten. Inspect the animal for injuries and get your pet to an animal care center as soon as possible.

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Posted by Rachel Frey, Communications Specialist