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Prioritizing Home Efficiency Improvements

 Prioritizing Home Efficiency Improvements

The best way to lower energy consumption in your home is to improve its efficiency. But where do you even start?

Your choice of energy improvement projects should be based upon the type and condition of your home. Consider these questions as you craft a personal energy plan:

1. What is the condition of your home’s exterior? Repair any broken windows, loose siding or missing trim before you do anything else.

2. How much insulation do you have in your attic? Attic insulation keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer. More insulation is always better.

3. Has your furnace or air conditioner been serviced lately? These hard-working appliances are the largest consumers of energy in most homes. Periodic service can improve their efficiency and extend their lifespans.

4. How many incandescent and CFL bulbs do you use? Buy and install LED bulbs in any light fixtures you use more than a few hours a day.

5. How old is your refrigerator? The newest refrigerators take advantage of technology that cuts their energy consumption. Shop for an Energy Star-rated refrigerator to get the most efficient models.