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  • Sam Houston EC Recognizes Veterans' Service to Country

Sam Houston EC Recognizes Veterans' Service to Country

 Sam Houston EC Recognizes Veterans' Service to Country

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative would like to recognize the military service of 13 employees as the month of November closes.

Line Technician Joel Prothro’s military service in the U.S. Army started in Vietnam while Line Technician Yancy Williams served in the Marine Corps before continuing his service with the U.S. Army Reserve, where he still continues to serve our country as a military police officer.

Chip Adair, system analyst, was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force from 1982-91. He actually became interested in the computer field and network systems during on-the-job training opportunities he received in the Air Force, according to Adair.

He exited the Air Force following his deployment supporting Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield, but he still has fond memories of his service.

“(I enjoyed) the lifelong friendships I made,” Adair said. “The experiences that I had are things that I don’t miss but would not give up for the world.”

Michael McGallion, electrical technician, served as a munitions specialist in the Air Force from 1999-2005, and he also was deployed to a combat zone. McGallion said he enjoyed moving around (from base to base) and his deployment. He especially enjoyed the brotherhood of the military.

Electrical Technician Herman Allen served four years in the U.S. Navy as a fire control technician on submarines from 1995-1999.

Allen also noted the bond servicemembers share in and out of uniform even after they get out the military. He enjoyed the traditions only sailors experience from their unique military branch.

Elina Hobbs, member service representative, enjoyed some of those same naval traditions Allen referred to as she was a member of the U.S. Navy from 1993-2004 as a store keeper.

Hobbs is originally from Polk County and used her time in Navy to explore the world. She was able to see 13 different countries including Spain, she said.

“The diversity amazed me, being from a small town, I met so many different classes, races and religions while serving,” Hobbs said. “I can honestly tell you that while in uniform, those lines did not exist. We were all equal.”

Bo Bendy, line technician, was a cavalry scout during his time in the U.S. Army from 1997-2001. He too noted the comradery and trust he felt among his fellow soldiers and service members as what he most enjoyed about his time in the Army.

Chad Simon, communication specialist, retired from the Marine Corps in 2014 after serving as a combat photographer.

“The comradery of serving our Nation is what I enjoyed most,” Simon said. “I also enjoyed using my camera to illustrate what Marines were doing from the desert of Iraq to the tropical climates of Thailand and the Philippines.”

Each of our veterans drew a strong connection between their military experience and their experience at Sam Houston EC.

“I like the family atmosphere and teamwork among employees,” Allen said. “You see lineman with lineman decals on their vehicles. Another example is people wear shirts and hats away from work with the Co-op logo. I also like that we brand every Cooperative vehicle with the American Flag.”

Sam Houston EC veterans and their branch of service are listed below.

Chip Adair (Air Force)

Herman Allen (Navy)

Bo Bendy (Army)

Michael Fassler (Army)

Jeff Green (Marine Corps)

Elina Hobbs (Navy)

Michael McGallion (Air Force)

Kenzie Moore (Army)

Joel Prothro (Army)

Chad Simon (Marine Corps)

Jason Tullos (Army)

Bobby Wallace (Army)

Yancy Williams (Marine Corps and Army)