Seal it Up!

 Seal it Up!

Normally, I don’t have any problems with small home projects. Hanging a picture? No biggie. Tightening a loose doorknob? Not a problem. But one project intimidated me: replacing the seals around my doors.

During recent cold weather, the air near the door was frigid, and I knew I could not procrastinate any longer. I was worried that the process would be long and complicated, but it turned out to be simple.

I pulled a small portion of the existing seal out of the corner using needle-nose pliers. Be sure to grab the entire exposed piece, so you can pull out the portion stuck in the doorjamb. I cut about an inch off using scissors and took it to the hardware store. I matched the size and shape to a new seal and purchased enough to replace the sides and top of the door.

There are a wide variety of options at every price point available. I purchased a basic option that matched the existing seal since I knew it would fit.

Once I returned home, I simply pulled out the existing seals, and inserted the new seals in the same place. They should fit snugly in the doorjamb. Be sure to push the seal all of the way into the jamb, or you may have difficulty closing your door.

It is as simple as that! I completed two doors in about 30 minutes by myself. If you are not sure if you need to replace your seals, a good test is to close a piece of paper in the door. If you are able to pull it through easily, the seal could be tighter and prevent more air from entering or escaping your home.

Posted by Rachel Frey, Communications Specialist