Shop Co-op!

 Shop Co-op!

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative is one of more than 900 electric co-ops in America. But that’s just one type of cooperative—more than 29,000 total co-ops operate in the U.S., including many in the agriculture industry. With products as varied as dairy, oranges, almonds and cotton, our nation’s farmers know the value of the cooperative business model.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, see how many items you can purchase that were produced by a co-op. Starting in the produce section, pick up some Ocean Spray cranberries or Sunkist oranges, tangerines, grapes or grapefruit.

Cruise on over to the refrigerated cases and take a look at the eggs—95% of America’s eggs are produced and marketed by co-ops. Then pick up some Florida’s Natural orange juice, Land O’Lakes butter, Cabot or Tillamook cheese, and Organic Valley milk. Need a warm drink? Try Equal Exchange coffee, tea and hot chocolate, which also encourage fair trade. Finally, drop some Blue Diamond almonds into your cart.

Now that you’ve finished your grocery shopping, make your way to co-ops Ace Hardware or True Value to get supplies for your weekend projects. Or go to The Gap, Banana Republic or Guess—all three get their cotton from Plains Cotton Growers Cooperative’s Denimatrix. But before you do that, head to your credit union—another cooperative—to make a deposit to cover all your purchases.

Support our nation’s cooperatives and local co-ops as we work together to build a better world.