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Study Up for Home Safety

Why is there a different kind of outlet in my bathroom? Why does the circuit breaker trip whenever my portable air conditioner comes on? What’s the difference between a power strip and a surge protector?

Do you know everything you should about your home’s electrical system and appliances? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “No.” It’s time to change that.

Commissioning an inspection of your home’s electrical system not only can identify problems but also can help familiarize you with its basic electrical elements and needs.

Many of the conditions that cause electrical fires and incidents can be detected during a home electrical system inspection. You should have an electrical system inspection conducted if:

• Your home is 40 years old or older.
• You purchase a previously owned home.
• Your home has undergone a major renovation.
• You have added major new appliances within the past 10 years.

Learn to identify potential electrical hazards and correct them. Understanding your home’s electric system and making a few easy changes to improve safety also can lead to savings on your utility bills.

Posted by Rachel Frey, CCC, Communications Specialist