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  • Use mySamHouston to Check Daily Energy Use

Use mySamHouston to Check Daily Energy Use

 Use mySamHouston to Check Daily Energy Use

February 26, 2021

With record-high electricity consumption during the recent Arctic blast, many consumers are understandably concerned about their next electric bill. Our mySamHouston online tool and mobile app can help.

Go online to www.SamHouston.net (or use our mySamHouston mobile app).

  1. Login to your mySamHouston account.
  2. Click My Usage
  3. Click Usage Explorer
  4. Click Daily view
  5. Click the button beneath Date Range
  6. Click Unbilled to view usage not yet billed.You can also click Current Bill to see your most recently billed usage.
  7. Click Usage under Type to view kilowatt-hours used, or click Cost to see an estimated cost for that day.
  8. Point to any bar on the graph to display totals, as well as the average temperature for that day.

Important note: If you were without power at any point during Winter Storm Uri, the My Usage screen interprets that as a time when meter readings were unavailable. So, it inserts an estimated consumption figure to display on the screen. This is strictly for estimation purposes on the My Usage screen. Rest assured that no kilowatt-hours were registered during a power outage, and you will be billed only for kilowatt-hours that actually passed through the meter and were consumed at your location. The My Usage screen provides a good estimate, but the billing system utilizes only actual meter readings at the time of billing.

With all the varying information being shared, it can be confusing for consumers. mySamHouston provides the information you need to have a better understanding of how the recent record cold weather affected your electricity consumption. Got questions? Give us a call at 800-458-0381.