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Winter Window Tips

 Winter Window Tips

It can be hard to improve your home’s efficiency if you are a renter, like I am. Even if you do own your residence, some upgrades can be expensive. As the weather is getting colder, I have a suggestion on how you can improve the efficiency of your home without making permanent changes or spending a great deal of money.

Several manufacturers offer window insulation kits. Each one includes adhesive tape and plastic sheets. You will also need a measuring tape, scissors and a hair dryer. The following instructions are a general guide to installation. Be sure to follow your specific kit’s instructions.

Start by measuring your windows and cutting a piece of the plastic sheet one inch larger on each side than your window. Stick the adhesive tape to the window molding and then press the plastic sheet firmly on to the tape. Most sheets are repositionable, so smooth out film and reduce as many wrinkles as possible. Finally, use a hair dryer on a warm setting to remove more wrinkles. Just aim it at any wrinkle and it will disappear. Be careful not to heat the plastic too much, or it will pull away from the tape. You can also trim any extra film on the edges.

Window insulation kits are available at hardware stores, home improvement stores and on many websites. These kits are not a permanent solution, and should be removed at the end of winter.

On particularly cold days, I also roll a towel at the bottom of my doors and windows to provide a temporary shield against cold air leaking into my home. This does not give the same protection as replacing a door’s weather stripping or seal, but it can help.

For specific tips for your home, call Sam Houston Electric Cooperative at 800-458-0381 to schedule a Home Energy Audit or visit http://homeefficiency.touchstoneenergy.com.

Posted by Rachel Frey, Communications Specialist