Texas Co-op Power 2011

Give Efficiency for the Holidays
Co-op Connections Savings
Don't Forget Energy Efficiency this Winter
Sam Houston EC Hosts Annual Hotline School
Conservation Corner: Holiday Lights
Avoid a Holiday Decorating Disaster
Use Space Heaters Safely
Mama's Christmas Cactus
Silver Star
Happy Holidays from Sam Houston EC

The Proof is in the Pudding
Co-op Connections Savings
Remember Safety This Hunting Season
2012 Scholarship Applications Available
Conservation Corner: Motion Sensor Lights
Invite Safety Home for the Holidays
Annual Meeting this Month
Install GFCI Devices to Help Prevent Shock
Say Cheese!
We're Always Looking Out For You

October is National Co-op Month
Co-op Connections Savings
Your Director Election Ballot is Arriving in the Mail
Sam Houston EC Pays $3 Million in Capital Credits
Conservation Corner: Heating Water
Don't Let Electrical Hazards Haunt Halloween!
Pole Parole
Stay Put and Steer Clear of Shock
Silent Sentinels
I'm Helping My Energy Star TV Really Shine

Keep a Safe Home
New Headquarters Open
Sam Houston EC Training Field Benefits Utility Industry
Lineman Rodeo Honors for Sam Houston EC
Conservation Corner: Washing Machines
Log On for Home Energy Savings
Avoid Generator Backfeed
Co-op Connections Savings Guide
Recycle Old Refridgerators

Watch for Big Screen Savings
Point Blank Substation Complete
Sam Houston EC Helps Raise Trusses on Habitat House
Insulating Your Attic
Conservation Corner: Replace Old Refrigerators
2011 Scholarship Winners
Water on an Electrical Fire Does More Harm than Good
Hoppers on the Rails
Take the Worry Out of Paying Your Bill

Declaration of Independence and Elecric Cooperatives
Offices Closed July 4
New Sam Houston EC Headquarters Building Now Open
Co-op Brings Home National Spotlight on Excellence Honors
Conservation Corner: Solar Outdoor Lights
Tips for Beating High Summer Electric Bills
Beware of Overhead Lines
Life Before Lake Livingston
Here's to a Bright and Beautiful Energy Future

Solar & Wind Generation: Worth the Investment?
Shop and Save Locally
Important News
Sam Houston EC Relay Team Sets Up Surf Shack
Conservation Corner: Window A/C Units
Seal Manufactured Home Air Leaks
Vacation Safety Checklist
Trespassing at Substations is Prohibited and Dangerous
What the Locals Know and You Can Discover
I Don't Leave the TV on for the Coffee Table

Help Battle Copper Crime
Safety Department Honors
Shop & Save Locally with Co-op Connections
Gulf Coast Blood Center Small Business of the Year
Conservation Corner: Heating Water
Shocking? May is National Electrical Safety Month
72 Years and Growing Strong
Water and Electricity Don't Mix
Pass-Along Plants
We've Always Been Your Neighbor

The Right Tree in the Right Place
Residential Survey
Shop & Save Locally with Co-op Connections
Sam Houston EC Members Save $1.5 Million
Conservation Corner: CFLs
Five Ways to Spring Into Energy Efficiency
Look Out for and Report Copper Thieves
When Cotton Was King
Thinking Green? We Are.

Why Does the Power Blink?
Co-op Connections Savings
Call 1-888-444-1207 to Report Outages
Karolyi Ranch Designated U.S. Olympic Training Site
Conservation Corner: Clothes Dryer
Co-op Teens Power Texas Video Contest
Please Don't Disturb Line Technicians at Work
Texas Rangers
Call 1-888-444-1207 to Report Outages

New Regulations on the Horizon
Construction Update
Call 1-888-444-1207 to Report Outages
Save with Your Co-op Connections Card
Conservation Corner: Insulation
Using Less Energy to Keep Things Clean
Five Great Ways to Pay
Beware of Underground Electric Lines
Love, Legends and Lore
Pen Pals 50 Years Later
Take the Worry Out of Paying Your Bill

Save with Co-op Connections
Scholarship Applications Available
Conservation Corner: Weather Stripping
Shady Grove Substation Online
2010 Annual Meeting of Members
Elvis Presley: Starring in Texas
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