Operation Round Up

 Operation Round Up

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative is excited to bring Operation Round Up® to our communities. This program allows the Cooperative to partner with our members to improve the quality of life in East Texas.

Members who choose to “round up” their bill each month support this program. For example, if your monthly bill were $85.79, it would be rounded up to $86.00. On average, members can expect to donate about $6 per year. This spare change is collected into the Sam Houston Electric Cooperative Charitable Foundation, which distributes the funds throughout the community.

This will truly be an opportunity for Sam Houston EC members to show the power of cooperation, by banding together around a single cause: to improve the communities we live in.

To participate in Operation Round Up, just call the Cooperative at 1-800-458-0381.

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To apply for an Operation Round Up grant, review the grant guidelines and submit the grant application. Grants are awarded each quarter, with the due dates as follows: Quarter 1- March 31, Quarter 2- June 30, Quarter 3- Sept. 30 and Quarter 4- Dec. 31.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I have more than one account with Sam Houston EC? Will all accounts be rounded up?

Since you have to elect to join the program, members can select which accounts they would like to have rounded up.

Will I know how much I have donated?

If members decide to participate, they will see “Operation Round Up” as a line item on their monthly bill. This donation is tax-deductable.

What if I change my mind and want to sign up next month?

Members can, at any time, decide to participate or to remove themselves from the program.

Who determines which organizations will receive funds?

The Foundation’s Board of Directors decides where funds should be distributed. The Board will consist of Sam Houston EC members appointed to represent their district by their Sam Houston EC Director.

What organizations qualify to apply for grants?

Any organization dedicated to improving the lives of our members across Angelina, Hardin, Jasper, Liberty Montgomery, Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity, Tyler, or Walker Counties may apply for an Operation Round Up grant. Then, the Sam Houston Electric Cooperative Charitable Foundation’s Board of Directors will review all applications and award funds as they see fit. Full grant guidelines can be found here.

Applicants should also include a copy of their 501(c)(3) designation, if they have one.

My organization already receives donations from Sam Houston EC. Will Operation Round Up® replace those donations?

Not at all. Sam Houston EC is dedicated to improving the lives of our members and our community. We will still give to many organizations in our areas. Operation Round Up allows us to partner with our members and organize the power of our membership to donate to additional worthy causes determined by a board of members.

Organizations who receive donations from Sam Houston Electric Cooperative can also apply to receive a grant from Operation Round Up.

More information about Operation Round Up®

Operation Round Up was created by Palmetto Electric Cooperative in 1989. Palmetto has distributed more than $5.7 million in grants in its community, building on the cooperative principles Palmetto EC and Sam Houston EC were founded on: neighbors helping neighbors to improve their quality of life and their community.