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Getting Connected, Reconnected or Disconnected

 Getting Connected, Reconnected or Disconnected

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Establishing Credit

If you are applying for service for the first time or reapplying after discontinuance of service, you may not be required to pay a deposit if certain criteria are met. See Sam Houston EC’s Deposit Policy for details. Oprima aquí para ver la poliza del depósito en Español.

When it is necessary to establish credit with the Cooperative, credit history will be applied equally for a reasonable period of time to a spouse or former spouse who shared the service and credit history.

You may be required to make a deposit if credit has not been established satisfactorily to the Co-op. This applies to residential, commercial or industrial applicants. The Cooperative may also require a deposit to protect against the assumed risk for temporary service, seasonal service or weekend residences.


If your service is terminated, you may reestablish service when all amounts due to Sam Houston Electric Cooperative are paid.

Voluntary Disconnection

If you are moving or otherwise choose to have your service disconnected, please contact our business office as soon as possible to arrange for disconnection and a final meter reading.

Landlord Connect Program—Active Sam Houston Electric Cooperative members who own rental property may wish to participate in the Landlord Connect Program that automatically puts service at a rental property back into the landlord’s name when a renter requests a disconnect. Instead of a $75 connect fee, the landlord will only accrue a $25 fee for transferring service from the tenant. To participate in this program, please contact Sam Houston EC at 1-800-458-0381 to fill out a Landlord Agreement and have your account set up as a Landlord/Tenant account.

For more information, please review the Sam Houston EC Member Handbook.