Getting Service at an Existing Location

 Getting Service at an Existing Location

To get service at a location where electric service has previously existed:

1. Fill out and submit an Application for Membership.

*Please note that when establishing a membership or account in the name of a commercial entity, the company must be a corporation, or articles of incorporation must be provided.

2. Provide a copy of your photo ID.

3. Pay $25 connect fee ($75 if trip is required) and any required deposit to Sam Houston EC.

Application, copy of ID, connect fee and deposit may be returned to any of our three Sam Houston EC office locations in person, by fax or by mail.

When the application is processed, you will receive a unique customer number. From that point forward, each account you establish as a member will always be associated with your unique customer number.

An Application for Membership is required for all new Sam Houston EC members, or when service is requested after membership has been inactive for three consecutive months.

4. Fill out and submit release form for underground service only.