Getting Service for New Construction

 Getting Service for New Construction

To get service at a location where no electric service has previously existed:

1. Fill out and submit an Application for Membership. Copy of photo ID is required. You will also be responsible for a connect fee of $75 and a deposit. (Deposit may be waived if certain exemption requirements are met.) *Be sure to print this document on legal-size paper, or select "shrink to fit" when you print this document.

*Please note that when establishing a membership or account in the name of a commercial entity, the company must be a corporation, or articles of incorporation must be provided.

2. Obtain proper permit and 911 address from county.

Permit requirements

3. Meet with a Sam Houston EC utility designer to discuss routing of service, construction and easement, as necessary.

  • Routing of service and location of meter loop will be discussed
  • Designer will calculate cost to build service
  • If easement is needed, designer will provide the form to be completed by the member
  • Designer will provide a meter base (for residential services)
  • Meter poles are available for sale from Sam Houston EC. Please see below for detailed information in English or Spanish.

Meter Pole Sales
Venta de Postes con Contador

Meter Loop Specifications
Especificaciones para Medidores de Servicio Monofasico

Sam Houston EC's line extension policy can be found in Section 2 and 3.12 of our Member Policies & Schedules.

Se puede encontrar la política de extensión de línea de Sam Houston EC en la sección 2 y 3.12 de nuestras Póliza para Miembros y Listas.

In some cases, underground service may be more affordable than overhead. Underground service can also improve reliability and look better. See the Line Extension Policy for details and ask a Sam Houston EC utility designer if you’d like more information.

4. Utility Designer will send an invoice to the member. Member will send required paperwork and invoice payment to Sam Houston EC.

5. Notify Sam Houston EC when meter loop is installed.

6. Right-of-way that needs to be cleared may be cut by the member or by Sam Houston EC. (Applicable charges may apply and member is responsible for disposal of debris.)

7. Sam Houston EC builds and/or connects electric service.

For a detailed checklist to becoming a Sam Houston EC member, download our "New Service Checklist."

When the application is processed, you will receive a unique customer number. From that point forward, each account you establish as a member will always be associated with your unique customer number.

An Application for Membership is required for all new Sam Houston EC members, or when membership has been inactive for three consecutive months.