Permit Requirements

 Permit Requirements

Some cities and counties in our service area require that a permit number be issued before new electric service can be established. Residents and commercial customers in the areas listed below should contact the appropriate office(s) in order to obtain the required permit(s).

Members will be required to provide a copy of their building permit from their permit office, even if it has been waived.

For underground service in Polk County, a building permit will be required if the member is adding on to the dwelling.

To obtain 911 address Permits
Angelina County 936-632-0609 N/A
Hardin County 409-347-1911 409-246-5251
Jasper County 409-381-5261 409-994-2543
Liberty County 936-336-5722


Montgomery County 936-523-5911 936-539-7836
Polk County 936-327-6826 936-327-6820
San Jacinto County 936-653-3823 (same)
Trinity County 936-642-3904 N/A
Tyler County 409-381-5253 409-283-6354
Walker County 936-436-4939 (same)
City of Ivanhoe 409-384-5704 409-283-3299
City of Onalaska 936-327-6826 936-646-5376
City of Shepherd 936-628-3305 (same)
City of Woodville 409-384-5704 409-283-2234

Residents applying for new service in Hardin County, Liberty County, Montgomery County, Tyler County, City of Ivanhoe, City of Onalaska and City of Woodville must have a 911 address on file before a permit can be issued. You can obtain a 911 address by calling the number provided.

If the city or county office determines that a permit number is not needed to establish electric service, they will issue a waiver permit number. In either case, applicants should contact a member service representative with the appropriate permit or waiver permit information prior to establishing new service.