Sam Houston Electric Cooperative has been providing renewable energy to our consumer-members for more than 50 years. And with the addition of more hydroelectric power, wind generation, and utility scale solar, our percentage of renewable energy is growing. The key is a strategic focus that centers around renewable energy that is reliable and cost effective for our Co-op members.

As a distribution cooperative, Sam Houston EC owns lines, poles, transformers and all the other facilities needed to distribute power. The Co-op does not directly own any power generation facilities. We purchase almost all the power that goes to our members from East Texas Electric Cooperative, a generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative.

As the largest distribution cooperative in ETEC, Sam Houston is integrally involved in purchasing power and developing multiple diverse generation resources to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective power. Although a 100 percent renewable power portfolio is neither practical nor cost-effective, a rapidly increasing amount of Sam Houston EC’s electricity is generated by renewable resources.

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