Tree Trimming & Dead Trees

We know trees are an essential part of the charm of East Texas.

Trees are also vital to our economy. But trees are dangerous when they contact power lines. Regular trimming to direct growth away from lines helps prevent the outages and damage trees can cause.

Mowing rights-of-way keeps brush, vines and saplings from developing, while clearing a path for line technicians performing maintenance and repair work. The skilled employees and contractors working for Sam Houston Electric Cooperative are committed to establishing the clearance required to bring you years of dependable electric service, while retaining the beauty and value of your trees.

Tree Trimming Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) 

The unwelcome drought in recent years has resulted in thousands of dead trees that threaten to fall on electric power lines. In 2011, Sam Houston EC added more crews to cut dead and danger trees across its 10‐county service territory. Additional crews have helped reduce the risk of power outages and fires along the utility’s rights‐of‐way.

Crews will be cutting dead and danger trees along the Cooperative’s rights‐of‐way, as well as trees that are just outside the right‐of‐way and in danger of striking electric power lines. After being cut down, the dead trees will be moved so that they do not block roads, driveways or ditches. It will be up to the landowner to dispose of the dead trees after they are cut down.

NOTE: Authority to perform right-of-way maintenance is granted in the signed membership application and easement agreement between the property owner and Sam Houston EC.