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  • Brown, Murphy earn P.E. Licenses

Brown, Murphy earn P.E. Licenses

Brown, Murphy earn P.E. Licenses

Two Sam Houston Electric Cooperative engineers recently earned their professional engineer licenses from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

Ryan Brown and Kabe Murphy successfully completed a series of three exams to earn this professional distinction. The first exam covers the fundamentals of engineering, which was followed by an ethics exam. They also had to submit references from three currently licensed professional engineers.

“Earning my professional engineering license is a great achievement, which comes with large responsibilities,” Brown said. “Many engineers work their entire careers in the industry and never pursue their license.”

After meeting education and experience requirements, as well as passing the first two exams, applicants must get approval from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers to take the final Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam.

“Having my P.E. license will allow me to take on greater responsibilities,” Murphy said. “You have the chance to gain a better knowledge of the many fields in the engineering discipline, which could open more doors at the Cooperative in the future.”

Sam Houston EC engineer Joel Colston is also in the process of obtaining his P.E. license as well. Brown and Murphy have both been with the Cooperative for five years, and join fellow P.E. license holders CEO Kyle J. Kuntz and engineer R.J. Enard.