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  • Christmas Day Power Restoration - 2:30 am update

Christmas Day Power Restoration - 2:30 am update

Christmas greetings! As high winds and storms are moving through the region, Sam Houston crews are in the field restoring power so our members and their families can enjoy this special day together. We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas Day.

Update --- Only six Cooperative members are without power as of 2:30 am. Sam Houston EC has restored power to 9,070 members since violent winds accompanying a fast moving storm knocked out power to electric consumers throughout the eastern United States. High winds and dead trees combined to make an eventful Christmas Day for Cooperative staff and members.

"No one wants to have a storm and be without power on Christmas Day,” said chief communications officer Keith Stapleton. “We appreciate our members’ patience, and we are thankful for the dedicated employees who put their family Christmas on hold so power could be restored to our members.”

Update --- As of 10:30 pm, power has been restored to more than 8,000 Sam Houston EC members! Crews are still working to restore power to the 875 members members still without power.

Update --- As of 6 p.m. just under 4,500 members remain without power from storms and high winds across Sam Houston Electric Cooperative's service territory today. Outages are concentrated around the Livingston and Woodville areas. Thank you to all of our employees working in the field as well as in the office this Christmas. Thank you also to the additional contractor crews called in to expedite power restoration for our members

Update --- At 3:30 pm, power is returning to many Sam Houston EC members. However, high winds have returned to the area, causing dead trees and limbs to fall onto power lines. As of 3:30 pm, 4,292 members are without power. Sam Houston EC crews and contractors are working to restore power quickly and safely.

Update --- As of 1:45 pm, power has been restored to more than 4,000! Crews are continuing efforts to restore power to 4,695 that remain.

Update ---- As of 12:00 noon, there are 178 outage incidents, affecting 9,077 members.

Contractor crews have been brought in to assist Sam Houston EC crews. More crews are being called in as well.

Additional dispatch staff has been brought in to expedite power restoration and ensure the safety of crews working to restore power.

Call center staff is also on duty.

Widespread power outages are being reported by electric utilities throughout central and east Texas.

While crews are restoring power, Sam Houston EC is continuing to assess the extent of the damage. Due to the number of downed lines and other storm related issues, we do not expect all power to be restored today. Additional information will be provided when further assessment is done.

We’re working to get your Christmas day activities back on track. Thank you to our members for your patience and to Sam Houston EC employees for taking time away from families to restore power.