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  • Copper Theft: A Dangerous, Expensive Problem

Copper Theft: A Dangerous, Expensive Problem

Copper Theft: A Dangerous, Expensive Problem

Copper theft has been a problem for several years, but with the price of copper making it a hot commodity, this crime epidemic shows no signs of slowing down.

More and more people have been injured and even killed while scaling power poles to steal copper wire. Unfortunately, perpetrators do not realize how extremely dangerous this crime is or fully understand the serious risks of being hit by thousands of volts of electricity.

Even if copper thieves succeed, they cause a great disservice to the public.

“Copper theft is costly,” said Donnie Calvin, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative chief technology officer. “Damage and unexpected repairs, unfortunately, costs our members money.”

Innocent lives can be endangered as well. Those who depend on electricity to power healthcare equipment are placed at risk by the carelessness of copper thieves.

Copper theft has become so prevalent that many law enforcement agencies have designated “copper cops” to help suppress this dangerous, growing problem.

Some electric cooperatives across the country, including Sam Houston EC, are employing advanced security technologies at Co-op facilities to help prevent and deter copper theft.

Sam Houston EC asks its members to keep an eye out for copper thieves. If you see an unauthorized person tampering with power poles or attempting to access Co-op facilities, please contact your local law enforcement officials right away.

Not only is copper thieving dangerous, but it also costs you money.