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  • Energy Consumption Peaks in Winter

Energy Consumption Peaks in Winter

Energy Consumption Peaks in Winter

Each year the holiday season and cold weather cause Sam Houston Electric Cooperative members to consume more electricity. In fact our system used 40 percent more electricity in December than in November. Why is this?

Bills are calculated each month using the exact amount of energy your home uses. Cold weather heating and cooking cause more electricity to be consumed. Just as your car consumes more gasoline on long trips, your home consumes more energy for heating during cold weather. You may have noticed your heater running constantly, or you may have used space heaters to maintain a comfortable home.

It used to be challenging to know how much electricity your home is using, but not anymore. Just log on to mySamHouston at SamHouston.net or download the mySamHouston app to see your monthly, daily and even hourly electricity use. Set alerts to let you know how much electricity you’ve consumed, as well as when your bill is due, and much more. Call or go online today to learn more about tracking your energy consumption and reducing your electric bill.

Cooperative leadership is also working to keep the cost of electricity down by reducing the wholesale cost of electricity in December. This savings was passed directly on to our members, and you can see the “Energy Charge” on your bill went down from November to December.

At Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, we care about our members, and you can call us at 800-458-0381 for assistance with logging on to your account, or even for energy-saving tips.