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Exceeding Expectations

Exceeding Expectations

Most kids comb their grade-school report cards for EEs, which signified they have attained the coveted “exceeds expectations” rating in aspects of school life that couldn’t be assigned a letter grade.

As they grow, EEs turn into (we hope) As and Bs. Yet it’s safe to say that most of them do not lose that desire to exceed expectations.

At Sam Houston Electric Cooperative we also strive for EEs, every single day. We don’t want to do what our members only expect us to do—provide affordable, safe, and reliable electric service. We want to go farther and do better, from providing superior member service to offering programs that help our members save time and money.

To showcase our goals, Sam Houston EC’s member satisfaction score soared to 90.7 percent for the third quarter (July through September) of 2013. Member satisfaction scores continued to remain high even through the final quarter of 2013 at 90.6. It goes to show that the employees of Sam Houston EC deliver the highest quality in customer service to our members.

Sam Houston EC also earned an American Customer Satisfaction Index score of 89 in the fourth quarter—a new record for the Cooperative.

“Actually, the reason for the high marks is very clear,” said Keith Stapleton, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative chief communications officer. “The employees of Sam Houston Electric Cooperative are the reason.”

Stapleton said that member comments such as, “They are always friendly. They get right on the problem and don’t keep you waiting for hours,” reflect the excellent service provided by Cooperative employees each and every day.

“We’re a member-owned, not-for-profit Cooperative,” Stapleton said. “Everything we do is centered around serving our members. We truly strive to exceed our members’ expectations each day.”

Sam Houston EC line technicians provide the public face of our mission to exceed expectations. They routinely work in rough weather and put in long hours. But they do it gladly, because they care about doing an exceptional job.

However, we have many people behind the scenes who also make our Cooperative the best it can be. Our engineers continually explore new technologies to improve service reliability. Our member services representatives want to make sure our members have a positive and satisfying experience when they call our office for help.

And because we’re a Cooperative, we have a special responsibility to support the communities we serve and exceed expectations there, too. That means we must aim to improve the quality of life.

Whether it’s a power outage or energy audit, a billing question or community event, we’re working hard to achieve those EEs from our members every day.