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How Can We Better Serve You in 2018?

How Can We Better Serve You in 2018?

It’s amazing what we learn through listening and observing. Feedback from our members has inspired several changes at Sam Houston Electric Cooperative that will improve the service we provide you.

New Service
If you are a new member or have recently added service from Sam Houston EC, you may have experienced a delay in getting your service established. After reviewing the causes for the delay, Co-op leadership has updated the new service process during November and December to improve efficiency. We appreciate our members’ support, patience and most importantly feedback during this time.

New mySamHouston Portal
More than 11,000 of our members have also logged on to our updated mySamHouston on SamHouston.net. If you’re logging in for the first time since Nov. 6, you will be prompted to use the last four digits of the primary member’s social security number as your temporary password. Once you log in, you can update your password to one that is secure and easy to remember. If you have any problems. Contact a member service representative at 800-458-0381. When you log in to mySamHouston, you will be given a prompt to take a tour of the newest features, including:

  • Usage Explorer—offers a detailed look at your past and current usage.
  • Usage Comparison—shows the difference between your current bill and past bills, or other combinations to see how your usage varies.
  • Budget Gauge—allows you to set and track a monthly target to help avoid unexpected high utility bills.
  • Auto Pay your bill from your bank account or credit card.
  • Operation Round Up status and past contributions.
  • Custom account notifications based on the type of notification and whether you want to be informed by phone or email.
  • Online outage notifications and service requests.

Mobile Application
We’re also excited about the launch of our mySamHouston mobile application, which enables you to check the status of your electric service and receive real-time updates on energy use.

Digital and mobile services are just new ways of connecting with people, like the member service representatives you reach when you call us, or the ones who greet you from behind the counters at our office. They help us offer the quality services you expect us to provide.

Our goal is to find ways to help you control energy costs. That’s why we communicate with you about energy prices and ways we can work together to help ease the burdens on your wallet. With the budgeting features available on mySamHouston, and programs such as Budget Billing and myPrePay, we are working to help you control your family’s electrical use and cost. If you aren’t familiar with these programs, just ask us about them—we’re here to listen.

Listening improves understanding, builds trust, strengthens relationships and fosters cooperation. It’s also crucial to collaboration and success. That’s why Sam Houston EC still loves one-on-one time with our members. Our Annual Meeting is a social event for our whole Co-op family. We hope you’ll make plans now to join us in June at the Polk County College & Commerce Center in Livingston for an afternoon of Co-op information, fun and prizes.

So how do we serve you better in 2018? The same way many of us try to serve community, society and family better, each day—by listening. In our offices, on telephones, through social media exchanges and in our face-to-face meetings, we’re ready to listen.

Whether your question is about energy efficiency, solar panels, electrical service or any of our products or services, just ask us. We’ll let you know which product or service we’d recommend based on your needs. Drop in and see us. We’re always glad to hear from you.