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How Does Sam Houston EC Listen to Consumer-Members?

It is challenging to collect feedback from all of Sam Houston Electric Cooperative's 59,000 consumer-members and find a consensus among everyone’s unique opinion.

“The Cooperative uses a variety of surveys each year to ensure it is providing excellent service and responding to our consumer-members’ needs,” Chief Communications Officer Keith Stapleton said. “The data from these surveys is anonymous, but the information is shared among departments so employees can find opportunities to improve the Co-op."

Members may be contacted by phone or email to participate in surveys evaluating the Cooperative following interactions with the Co-op, such as requesting a new service extension or calling to update a payment method on their account.

“Our survey partners also contact a group of members each quarter to gauge Sam Houston EC’s performance in the American Customer Satisfaction Index,” Stapleton said. “This helps the Co-op compare our quality of service to other utility providers and to other industries. The Cooperative is honored to perennially receive high scores from our members.”

The Cooperative also conducts surveys about our members’ opinions regarding conservation, renewable energy, and their communication preferences. A picture of a recent email invitation to participate in a survey is shown below.

“Please remember these surveys are important to the electric cooperative,” Stapleton said. “As a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative, Sam Houston EC exists to serve the needs of consumer-members, and these surveys help the Co-op understand the members’ needs.”

 How Does Sam Houston EC Listen to Consumer-Members?