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  • Let Sam Houston EC Help You Achieve Your Resolutions

Let Sam Houston EC Help You Achieve Your Resolutions

 Let Sam Houston EC Help You Achieve Your Resolutions

The start of a new year provides an opportunity to reflect on the past year, and set intentions for the coming year.

One of the most common resolutions each year is to save money or stick to a personal budget. Sam Houston EC is here to help you control your energy costs, save money and achieve your goal.

Members can log into their mySamHouston account on our home page to explore how and when they use electricity. Look at the different options to see which days or even what times of the day the most electricity is consumed. It may be when the kids come home from school, when laundry is being done, or when dinner is being cooked.

“Everyone uses electricity differently, and many things, such as the level of insulation, to how many devices are plugged in the outlets, changes how your home consumes electricity,” said Chief Communication Officer Keith Stapleton. “The best way to manage your electricity consumption is to log in to your mySamHouston account, and learn how your electricity use changes throughout each day. Then, you’ll see opportunities to use less electricity and reduce your bill.”

Take mySamHouston anywhere with our smartphone app for Android and Apple devices. It offers the same services as our website, with an daily usage tracker included. Click “Usage,” and a color-coded chart pops up with your recent daily readings–customized to each member’s usage. Days in green are lower than average, while days in read had higher usage.

Find more ways to save by reading our blog, with seasonal advice, home efficiency tips, and important safety information.

“Cold weather heating and cooking causes more electricity to be consumed in our homes,” Stapleton said. “Just as your car consumes more gasoline on long trips, your home consumes more energy for heating during cold weather. You may have noticed your heater running constantly, or you may have used space heaters to maintain a comfortable home. It’s important to find ways to consume less energy to keep your cost of electricity down. There are countless tips on our blog to help guide you.”

The new and improved Co-op Connections program unlocks more savings at your fingertips. The Co-op Connections card is still valid, but you can now download the Co-op Connections app to find new opportunities to save significantly on local shops, restaurants and even hotel reservations.

Use these cost-saving ideas from Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, and let us help you take charge of your electricity consumption and achieve your 2019 resolutions.