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  • Lower Wholesale Electricity Costs Bring Savings to Co-op Members

Lower Wholesale Electricity Costs Bring Savings to Co-op Members

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative is passing along lower wholesale electricity costs to members. Over the past several weeks, the cost to generate electricity and move it across transmission lines has decreased. Those lower wholesale power costs, combined with milder temperatures and reduced power consumption, are resulting in smaller electric bills for most members.

“Because Sam Houston EC is a not-for-profit entity, the Energy charge, which reflects wholesale power costs, is a straight pass-through,” said chief financial officer Joe Conner. “There is no markup or profit margin added. It simply reflects the cost we pay to purchase electricity for our members.”

“While this is good news regarding wholesale power costs, we encourage our members to plan ahead for the hot summer months,” Conner said. “Making energy efficiency improvements to your home now or upgrading old inefficient appliances will help you save during July, August and September when temperatures rise and more electricity is used for cooling.”

To find easy ways to improve your home’s efficiency, visit www.togetherwesave.com to find the Home Efficiency Analysis Tool, which will provide specific improvement projects for your home.

Here is a list of home improvement suggestions to help lower summer cooling costs.

  • Schedule a licensed professional to check your air conditioner each year. Air conditioners in good condition run more efficiently.
  • Change air filters each month to prevent the filter from causing stress on the system.
  • Weatherize your windows and doors by making sure they are caulked and sealed tightly.
  • Check the seals on your refrigerator– insert a dollar bill at the seal then close the door. If you can pull it out easily, the seals are not airtight.
  • Close blinds and windows on the south and west sides of your house to prevent solar heating.
  • If you have a programmable thermostat, set the temperature warmer during the day while the house is empty.

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