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  • Members Rate Co-op Highly in Satisfaction

Members Rate Co-op Highly in Satisfaction

 Members Rate Co-op Highly in Satisfaction

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative’s 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index topped 92 for the second consecutive year.

“The 2021 ACSI of 92.25 ties our highest ever, which was set last year,” said Keith Stapleton, chief communications officer. “It’s a reflection of the great effort our Co-op employees put into serving our consumer-members during a time of rapid growth, a pandemic and other challenges.”

ACSI is the only national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States. Companies from every business sector measure their performance via ACSI, and more than 600 electric cooperatives utilize ACSI.

To gauge Sam Houston EC member satisfaction in 2021, representatives from SkyBase7 (formerly known as Oppenheim Research) surveyed a randomly selected group of Co-op members each month via phone.

The researchers asked four questions for the ACSI survey, with responses ranging on a scale from zero to 10:

  • How satisfied are you with Sam Houston EC?
  • To what extent does Sam Houston EC exceed your expectations?
  • How close is Sam Houston EC to the ideal electric company?
  • If given a choice, how likely is it that you would choose Sam Houston EC?

Sam Houston EC’s ACSI of 92 is much higher than the energy utility industry’s 2021 average score, which was 72.