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  • Natural Gas Prices Impact Electricity Costs

Natural Gas Prices Impact Electricity Costs

  Natural Gas Prices Impact Electricity Costs

Undoubtedly, every Sam Houston Electric Cooperative member has seen recent headlines about the electricity distribution industry in the aftermath of the February 2021 winter storm and regulatory changes that have impacted the industry.

Sam Houston EC wants to share a bit of good news: This past summer, a survey of electricity rates showed Sam Houston EC’s power costs to be significantly lower than most of the state.

“Sam Houston EC’s cost of $150.15 for 1,000 kilowatt-hours was substantially lower than the state average of $179.51,” said Rachel Frey, manager of communications. “In fact, the average cost in the Houston region was $256.53.”

Natural gas is the primary fuel source for generating electricity in Texas. Recent high natural gas prices, coupled with costs related to the 2021 winter storm, have driven power prices substantially higher.

“The good news for Sam Houston EC consumer-members is that while those factors had an impact on Co-op members’ bills, the Co-op’s power prices are lower than prices in most of the state,” Frey said.

As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, Sam Houston EC is owned by its consumer-members and guided by a board of local Co-op members who understand the challenges local families face.

“Sam Houston EC’s leadership will continue to focus on protecting members from high prices as well as minimizing the 2021 winter storm’s cost impacts,” Frey said.

During a time of inflation and increased costs, Sam Houston EC recommends members monitor their energy consumption using the mySamHouston app or portal and take measures to reduce their energy use. Visit samhouston.net for ways to use less energy.