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Protect Against Cold Weather And Save Money

As cold weather arrives each winter, electricity usage increases. Higher electric bills sometimes cause folks to ask if there has been a rate increase. The good news is that Sam Houston Electric Cooperative’s rates haven’t changed since 2006.

Due to colder weather, however, members as a whole consumed more electricity in December than in November, and are on track to use more electricity in January than they used in December.

Wholesale electricity costs were a quarter of a cent higher in January, affecting the average electric bill by only $3.25.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we work diligently to keep power costs as low as possible, reducing the impact on your bill when the weather gets cold or hot.

So, while rates haven’t changed, electricity consumption is up. But it’s not too late to weatherize your home and take steps now to reduce your electricity consumption. It’ll mean lower electric bills, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

For energy saving tips that can help lower electric bills, visit TogetherWeSave.com or SamHouston.net.