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  • Scammers Posing as Sam Houston EC Employees

Scammers Posing as Sam Houston EC Employees

  Scammers Posing as Sam Houston EC Employees

Unfortunately, in today’s world, scams are everywhere. Scammers can threaten you with everything from legal action involving the IRS to turning off power to your home.

Recently, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative received a report that people in an unmarked vehicle were posing as Co-op employees in the Segno community (Polk County).

“Co-op employees and contractors are in clearly-marked vehicles,” said Communications Specialist Rachel Frey, CCC. “The Cooperative is in the process of updating the logos on our vehicles to show a larger star, which we hope will be more visible to consumer-members.”

All Sam Houston EC employees also have photo identification badges that they can present to confirm their identity.

“If you are unsure you are speaking with a Co-op employee or contractor, please call us immediately at 800-458-0381,” Frey said. “We can help you confirm that you are speaking with one of our employees.”

Scammers tend to be more active during stressful situations, such as extreme weather, or the current coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, scammers have also called our members recently.

“They often use threatening language in order to frighten you into offering your credit card or bank account information,” Frey said. “Don’t fall victim to these types of scams.”

Sam Houston EC will never call to demand immediate payment. If you have any doubts about the person with whom you are speaking, contact our member service center at 800-458-0381.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative wants to make sure members avoid any and all types of scams that could put you or your financial information in jeopardy. If you have any questions or would like more information about how you can protect yourself from scammers, call us, or visit our website, www.SamHouston.net.

Photo caption: Sam Houston EC recently received an alert that scammers may be posing as Co-op employees. All Co-op vehicles are clearly marked as seen in this picture, and all employees have photo identification badges.