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Veterans Power Us

  Veterans Power Us

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative is proud to employ 14 veterans. Not only did they serve our country, they continue serving by working in our rural communities by working at Sam Houston EC. Yancy Williams, line technician, serves both as he continues to serve in the Army Reserves.

Their military experiences add value for the electric cooperative workforce because they:

  • Have extensive technical, leadership and safety skills.
  • Have the proven ability to learn new concepts and skills.
  • Are mission-driven.
  • Have received crisis and risk management training.
  • Are adaptable and have great problem-solving skills.
  • Work efficiently, effectively and diligently in high-pressure and fast-paced environments.

Sam Houston EC veterans and their branch of service are listed below.

Chip Adair (Air Force)

Herman Allen (Navy)

Bo Bendy (Army)

Jesse Dyer (Army)

Teri du Toit (Army)

Jeff Green (Marine Corps)

Elina Hobbs (Navy)

April Holley (Army)

Michael McGallion (Air Force)

Kenzie Moore (Army)

Chad Simon (Marine Corps)

Jason Tullos (Army)

Bobby Wallace (Army)

Yancy Williams (Marine Corps and Army)