Electrical Fires

An electrical fire could destroy your home and harm your family. That's why its imperative that you take preventive measures and know what to do in the event an electrical fire does occur.

To reduce the risk of an electrical fire

  • Be sure your appliances and other electric items are functioning properly. Never plug in anything with a damaged cord.
  • Be Aware! Frequent tripped breakers or blown fuses are a sign that you need to update your wiring. Never try to solve an overload by installing a higher-rated breaker or fuse. You'll only mask the problem and greatly increase your risk of starting a fire.

In the event of an electric fire

  • Unplug any electric appliance or tool that catches fire, or turn off the power at the breaker panel or fuse box.
  • Never pour water on live wires or plugged-in appliances.
  • Use a Class C fire extinguisher, or throw baking soda on the fire.

If you can't control the fire, get out of your house immediately and call the fire department from your cell or a neighbor's phone.