Underground Power Lines

 Underground Power Lines
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If you're planning any projects that require digging, such as installing fence posts or planting trees, stop and think twice about what may be hidden underground. Underground electric lines may serve you. Since these lines are out of sight, it's easy to forget they're there, perhaps just below the spot where you're getting ready to dig.

Any Sam Houston EC member can call 1-800-DIG-TESS (1-800-344-8377) to be sure they don’t hit a buried power line.

Although underground electric lines are insulated, you can still be injured if you cut through the insulation while standing on the ground. Even when the insulation is only nicked, you may find your home without power weeks later after moisture has been able to seep into the line.

If you make the mistake of digging into an underground electric line, DO NOT COVER IT BACK UP. Leave it exposed and call Sam Houston Electric Cooperative right away. It is far easier and less expensive to repair at this time than to search for and correct the problem later.